Cupping in Orange City, FL

Ancient Medicine!

Cupping promotes and increase in blood flow and circulation to the local area, supplies oxygen to the cells and can help to loosen stiff muscles and trigger points. Cupping therapy works based on the vacuum pressure over the specific area opens up the natural energy pathways allowing the body to self heal. When the blood is drawn to the surface of the body, old and stale blood becomes more readily available to be cleaned by the lymphatic system. In this way, cupping has a detoxifying effect on the systems. Cupping can help by decreasing inflammation, increasing circulation and realigning the muscle fibers. High levels of stress can cause pain and tension, cupping helps relax the muscle fibers giving the patient a more relaxed sense.

What are the red marks?

Cupping marks are from the effect of the negative pressure effect of the cups. They are not painful whatsoever, and no blood vessels are injured. When suction is applied, some people have what is called a histamine response, where a redness appears on the tissue. It is part of the natural healing response of the body. The coloration disappears within minutes to hours of receiving cupping. Some people have a stronger histamine response than others, depending of their skin type. If muscle tissue is injured, or not functioning correctly, or there is some kind of local congestion these marks may appear. This is due to the tiny capillaries bursting as the blood moves toward the surface of the body. These marks fade, and disappear in 1-3 days depending on the condition. In more severe cases, the marks may remain for 3-5 days.

Cupping can help to treat the following conditions:

  • arthritic pain

  • abdominal pain, stomach ache, indigestion

  • headache and migraine

  • hypertension

  • common cold and cough, asthma, cough, bronchitis

  • back and body pain

  • painful menstrual cycles

  • insect and poisonous snake bites

  • edema and swelling

  • limited range of motion

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